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Our Signature Sandwiches

Please enjoy some of our "hand crafted" selections of sandwich platters. If you have a particular preference or catering theme, we would be glad to customize a menu for your event.  

All sandwich trays include the following:

~ Two signature side salads ~ see below

~ Angela's tasty cookies & seasonal bars

~ Paper ware, napkins & untensils    


Its A Wrap!

We have a Gi-normous variety of wraps. However these are our favorite. Let us know if you need to see our Master List! ~Please select four wraps.

  • Traditional chicken caesar, parmesean , romaine lettuce
  • Breast of turkey , swiss, cranberry chutney mayo
  • Roast beef, provolone, crisp peppers, horseradish cream
  • Albacore tuna salad, baby greens, tomato
  • Smoked ham, havarti , baby greens,raspberry mustard
  • Buffalo chicken, carrots, blue cheese spread, hot sauce
  • Grilled vegetables, parmesean, baby greens, pesto mayo


Mini Man-wich 

An assortment of sandwiches served on petite baked rolls.

~Please select four mini sandwiches.

  • Breast of turkey club, american cheese, herb mayo
  • Shaved roast beef, cheddar cheese, creamy radish spread
  • Griiled chicken, monterey jack, baby greens, tomato mayo
  • Smoked ham, swiss cheese, grainy honey mustard
  • Italian provisions, cappicola, salami, provolone , pesto
  • Poached chicken salad, baby greens, plum tomato
  • Grilled marinated vegetables, chic pea hummus spread


Over - Stuffed "Belly Busters"

We pile the shaved provisions High...on these Combos!

All sandwiches are served on jewish seeded rye, marble and pumpernickel. ~Please select four combos.

  • Traditional corn beef, swiss, cole slaw, russian dressing
  • Shaved roast beef, turkey breast, horseradish spread
  • Pastrami, corn beef, swiss, guldens spicy mustard
  • Corn beef, breast of turkey special, slaw, russian spread
  • Smoked ham, turkey breast, dill havarti, grainy honey
  • Our simple pastrami sloppy joe


Parisian Style Sandwiches

All sandwiches are prepared on our signature baguettes with tasty fillings and delicious spreads.

~ Please select four sandwiches.

  • Baked ham, boursin cheese, caramelized red onions
  • Smoked breast of turkey, baby greens, cranberry aioli
  • Shaved roast beef, sage darby cheese, honey mustard
  • Proscuitto ham, imported provolone, roasted garlic aioli
  • Pesto chicken, spinach, sun~dried tomato spread
  • Roasted vegetables, arugula, red pepper spread
  • Peppered turkey, goat cheese, arugula, herb mayo


Signature Side Salads

All of our salads are Homemade...just like your house!

~Please select two salads to accompany your sandwiches.

  • Creamy sweet & sour cole slaw or healthy slaw
  • Traditional potato salad
  • Tabbouleh (bulghur wheat) cucumber, plum tomato
  • Pasta primavera, pesto vinaigrette
  • Toasted cous cous, dried fruit, grapes, sweet vinaigrette
  • French potato salad, green beans, mustard vinaigrette
  • Cucumber, tomato, celery, red onion, balsamic dressing
  • Toasted orzo, peppers, cucumbers, lemon vinaigrette


Our Upscale Salad

These salads are great for those "Shower" events. We can make it as easy as a "Chef or Cobb" salad...however these are very tasty for your guest!

All salad platters include the following:

  • Baked rolls & flat breads
  • Angela's homemade mini desserts
  • Paper ware, napkins & utensils

Add the following items for additional charge

 Grilled shrimp, roasted salmon, flank steak, seared tuna

Grilled chicken breast, marinated tofu

Grilled Chicken & Caesar

Grilled pesto chicken, marinated vegetables, olives, basil plum tomatoes,parmesean cheese, croutons, romaine lettuce

and caesar dressing.

Southwestern Steak

Grilled chipolte flank steak, roasted corn & black bean salad, tri-color peppers, cool cucumbers, jack cheese, arugula, romaine lettuce, baked tortilla chips, roasted tomato

cilantro vinaigrette. 

Tuna Niciose

Seared tuna, dill potatoes salad, carrots, shallot green beans, hard eggs, olives,baby spinach, toasted pita chips, lemon caper vinaigrette

Asian Shrimp

Grilled shrimp satay, vegetable soba noodles salad, cucumber & pickled slaw, crispy won tons,

sesame-ginger dressing.